FPC-12650K Standard LLQ Alarm


  • The Liquid Level Alarms are designed to provide warning indication when storage (Effluent, Grey Water, Rain Water etc) tank is either empty or full. Warning indication is determined by a float switch. Warnings are; Audio (buzzer), Visual (Flashing LED & Flashing Strobe on Deluxe Model) and clean contacts (for connection of an auxiliary alarm).
  • Designed to stand alone HL alarm indication


  • The Buzzer is muted via a button
  • Pump output
  • Electronics can be installed up to 50m from tank being monitored
  • Low voltage controls float
  • Includes 10m Float Switch
  • Effluent Systems
  • Grey Water Systems
  • Sewage Systems
  • Rainwater/Harvesting Systems

Download Product Info Sheet – FPC-12650K Standard LLQ Alarm