• Compact in-ground fully automatic single pump
    stations designed for pumping sewage & wastewater
    from either single homes or entire communities via
    a pressure main to a centralized treatment plant or
    municipal wastewater collection network.
  • Especially designed for hilly or low lying areas where
    gravity sewers would be expensive to install or for
    replacing aged septic tank systems, without major
    disruption to established areas
  • Dual pump options also available
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  • Tough PE holding Tank – 330/1000/1500 Litre options
  • Robust, heavy duty High Head Grinder Pump
  • Environmental friendly as remove sewage & wastewater off the property
  • Use small bore discharge pipelines
  • Sealed Unit – no ground water infiltration
  • Reliable & proven design
  • Cost Effective/Low running costs
  • Labour saving/Easy to install
  • 2 year pump warranty
  • Individual Dwellings/Houses
  • Kindergartens/Schools/Colleges
  • Hotels/Motels/Tourist Complexes
  • Caravan Parks/Picnic Areas
  • Sports Clubs/Golf Clubs
  • Medical Centres/Hospitals
  • Boat Shed Facilities
  • Residential Subdivisions/Communities
  • Industrial Complexes
NB: We do not guarantee these pumps will handle sanitary products

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