Rain Mains Water Controllers


FPC-127 Series

  • Designed to provide a continuous supply of water for a variety of uses, whilst prioritising and maximizing usage of rain water.

RM Series

  • Automatic Rain/Mains Control System c/w in-built pump all housed in custom PE Housing
  • The unique electronic features make it the smartest unit available.
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FPC-127 Series

  • Compatible with an entire range of high flow, low ‘head loss’ solenoid valves
  • No continuously actuated solenoid valves
  • Pump Protection Feature – If Rain Water is depleted, switching of pump output isolates power to pressure pump system
  • Test Button – Provides change of system status, including pump and valve switching
  • Includes pulse latching solenoid valve & 10m Float Switch
  • LED’s indicate ‘mains water’, ‘rainwater’
  • Available as a complete package including pump & housing

RM Series

  • P.E Pump Housing available in a range of colours to match your water tank
  • Easy access of pump & control valves in case of maintenance
  • Allows tank water to be used for water supply in preference to mains water – will automatically switch from one to the other as required
  • 4 pump options available
  • Allows for high water demand
  • Saves water & reduces water expenses
  • Seperate 20mm Solenoid plumbed with Valve & Tee available if required.
  • Includes pulse latching solenoid & 10m float switch

FPC-127 Series & RM Series

  • Domestic dwellings
  • Commercial complexes
  • Industrial complexes
  • Irrigation systems
  • Rainwater Harvesting

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