US/GRF Series


  • US Models – These are designed for Undersink Sullage Pump Stations that require High Level Alarm Indication and/or require shut off solenoid.
  • GRF – models – These are designed for Grundfos Sololift Units as per the above requirements
  • Unique Pulse latching Solenoid requires a pulse to open and a pulse to close. Normal state is nonpowered.


  • Poly Enclosures
  • Power on & Alarm LED
  • Mute Button
  • Low Voltage Controls (12VDC)
  • Water Supply Shut Off Solenoid & Dishwasher Interlock options available
  • Undersink Pump Stations/Sullage Chambers
  • Sololift/Sani pump-out units
  • Kitchens/Laundry Fixtures
  • Domestic/Commercial

Download Product Info Sheet – US/GRF SERIES